Angel Updates

Enjoying Cakes with Jess!

  Time for Jess to lie back, relax and enjoy some afternoon cakes. A hedonistic revel in all things creamy and gooey for our Splosh House Mistress.

It’s Quiz Time with Epiphany!

  We love a quiz, especially ones involving beans, ravioli, ketchup and spaghetti hoops! Epiphany Jones is the girl on the spot as she attempts to get the right answers otherwise it’s savoury time at the Splosh House – and we all know how Jess likes to dish out the savoury!

Zara Rose in Custard Heaven

  The custard marketing rep (aka Zara Rose) is curious to know why Jess is buying and using so much custard. Jess replies that ‘this is the Splosh House’. Zara looks puzzled, so Jess takes her by the hand and shows Zara exactly what we do with custard at the Splosh House!

Filling Toni’s Pantyhose

  The super gorgeous Toni is back and showing off her sexy sheer pantyhose with Jess eager to start dumping all sorts of goodies down the front and back. From beans to trifles and all sorts in-between, Toni is guaranteed to enjoy the sensation in all the right places!  

Roxie takes the Quiz!

  New Angel Roxee takes the Messy Angel quiz with Jess lining up the ketchup, brown sauce, beans, mushy peas and chicken soup to dump over Roxee – in fact, so keen is Jess to start covering Roxee that there is a heated dispute over chess!

Rebecca’s Sticky Puddings!

  Who doesn’t love a sticky toffee pudding, all sticky, soft and squidgy? Jess certainly does, so she serves up a tasty Splosh House treat with a brand new angel – Rebecca Louise!

Roxi having fun in Custard!

  The Splosh House sofa is a favourite spot for our Angels when they want to combine messy fun with sexy fun. and Roxi is no exception as she enjoys a satisfying custard cum!

Swimsuit Filling with Daisy!

  Daisy May is super excited to try out the swimsuit filling challenge! First, she starts with cheesecake, then gherkins (!) topped off with cream and custard. Jess then tries beans in the rear and sticky sauce over Daisy’s boobs – oh, and there is fruit cocktail and some spaghetti hoops in the mix too!

Splosh Addict Beth

  After numerous invitations, Beth finally visits the new Splosh house. And the reason for her reluctance to visit? Beth announces to a startled Jess that she has kicked her WAM addiction and is no longer tempted by the sight of creamy cakes and runny rice pudding. Are you sure, Beth?