Angel Updates

Beth and Jess kiss and make up

  …or rather kiss and make out! After her chastening experience in Who Needs Jess West? – a forlorn Beth is comforted in the shower by Jess, who suggests an impromptu sploshing session to show there are no hard feelings!

Who Needs Jess West?

  Well, Beth certainly doesn’t! It seems Beth has pulled off the ultimate Halloween trick on Jess and commandeered the Splosh House to treat herself, and she couldn’t be happier! Let’s hope Jess doesn’t find out…  

Instructing Jess

  Jess has some ‘me’ time and wants to get messy with some of her favourite things, but the camera crew have a different agenda and decides Jess should be sploshing with items they enjoy! Time for the guys to take charge!

Louise Lee on the Couch!

  In what has become a Messy Angel tradition, Jess West invites another busty newbie – Louise Lee – onto her custard couch to relax and have fun. Yoga, meditation and now a soothing custard cum for our Angels!

Atlanta Splosh Yoga Class

  Flexible Atlanta is all in on a Splosh Yoga class, including trifles for tits, beans down the back of her leggings and sticky sauce everywhere!

Custard Splash!

  It’s ‘Summer time’ on the sofa, and our golden girl is ready to splash and play! Oh, and cum. Summer was very keen to cum in custard.

Daisy May – Splosh Yoga Class

  And stretch! While your instructor pours custard and raspberry sauce over your pants and sticky syrup over your boobs! Join Daisy May and Jess West in the Messy Angel Sploshing Yoga class. You know it makes sense.

Payback for Zara Rose

  After getting ambushed by Jess the first time round, Zara returns for some payback on Jess and to get involved in a bit of sploshing action herself!