Angel Updates

A Tasty Toni Treat

  Jess has enticed a newbie into a bikini and then into the shower with the promise of tasty treats. Toni opted for sticky raspberry and chocolate sauces, with cream and honey to follow, all drizzled over and down her stunning body!

Lucy Love – Messy Quiz

  Lucy Love popped into the Splosh House and ended up in a bikini with Jess firing questions at her and threatening to pour beans in her bikini bottoms! Luckily, Lucy avoided the beans in her bikini bottoms. She got Mac ‘n’ Cheese instead!

Sexy Custard Playtime

  Belle and Jess share a sensual, sexy custard playtime, a scene so hot it will warm the chilliest custard!

Nosey Neighbour

  Everyone hates a nosey neighbour, and in the Splosh House, it is even more annoying to have someone demanding to know what is going on and to keep the noise down. Fortunately, Jess is more than happy to show her nosey neighbour what exactly is ‘going on’!

Jess and Jaime – Splosh Dommes!

  Our two PVC clad Dommes, Jess West and Jaime Knight, are here to abuse all you pathetic losers and to show you how to splosh yourselves, so get your cream, custard and trifles ready and follow along in our ‘how to splosh yourself’ training video!

Tina & Jess Custard Kissing

  Tina Kay and Jess West get together for some naked custard kissing! Tune in for giggles, spills and a helpful camera guy trying to keep things on track.

Beth’s Messy Slapstick Pie Quiz

  It’s Messy Quiz time with Beth and Jess! And it’s slapstick ‘custard’ pies, with Jess as your harsh quiz Hostess and Beth on the receiving end. So, it’s game face on, boobs out, and try and avoid the pies!

Louisa Lu – Splosh School

  Louisa lu is back at Splosh school for her second lesson, and she has dressed for the occasion in sexy black and pink stripy stockings and matching underwear. Jess decorates our tasty dish with cream, yoghurt, raspberry sauce, trifle and custard!

Sweet, Little Kitten

  Kitten loves getting dommed by Jess and especially loves it when she is dommed with tasty treats—in this case, freezing cold custard! A treat so cold it’s guaranteed to bring you out in goosebumps. Or, some sort of bumps!