Angel Updates

Jess’s Birthday Party

  Jess puts on her party dress and celebrates her birthday with her favourite cakes, a few friends and of course you, her messy fans. So guys, put on your party hat and join in the fun!

Satine Sub-Wam

  Satine has been instructed to appear in front of her Dom for an online session.  Satine is ready, the ingredients are ready, so what is Satine’s task and does it involve pouring chicken soup into her little black socks and then putting them back on? It seems it does and much more besides!

Satine’s Sexy Splosh

  We arranged, and recorded a live feed with Satine as she performs a sexy sploshing striptease in her kitchen with chocolate, cream pies, custard and sticky sauce.  So take it away Satine!

Did She?

  Bob is back with his experiment to see how much our girls enjoy getting messy. Each girl gets to decide what she would like to be covered with and whether to do it topless. Beth went first and next up is Jess, who opts for green slime. So just how turned on does Jess …

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Lockdown Diaries – Episode 3

  Our key workers need to grab some fun when they can, so Nurse Jess is doing a spot of sploshing and knicker filling with custard, peach slices and jelly.  Nurse Jess even asks for some suggestions at the end. Will she regret asking? Oh yes!

Lockdown Diaries – Episode 2

  Jess has found some custard!  And within minutes Jess is stripping off and covering herself in the yellow gold as we bring you a raunchy, masturbatory episode of Jess’s lockdown diary. You will need a lie down after this one…

Seven Deadly Sins – Sloth Part II

  Beth and Jess manage to rouse themselves enough to continue sploshing but will they have the energy to get off the sofa, let alone stagger through to part III? Probably not. Sloth – Part II