Angel Updates

Kat’s Epic Custard Blowjob!

  Our naughty pussy Kat is back and eager to get stuck into custard and cock!  Jess is just as keen to see Kat tucking into the goodies as there is nothing sexier than seeing a gorgeous girl getting turned on by doing what she loves most!

Nikki – Savoury Quiz

  Nikki pops round for a quick quiz with a savoury theme! Cue ketchup, brown sauce, spaghetti and beans and no cheating from the camera crew! Jess has spoken.

Mila JOI

  A hot JOI scene with Mila as she covers her enormous boobs and urges you to wank your custard covered cock between them!

Swimsuit Filling with Charlie

  The stunning Charlie returns to have her swimsuit filled with cake, meringue, custard, sticky sauce and juicy plums! Charlie’s gorgeous boobs look stunning, covered in raspberry sauce and chocolate, and she ends with a cream cake to the face and a creamy kiss!

Gina Takes the Messy Quiz!

  Gina faces questions from a combative Jess, whose sole mission is to ensure no one gets the right answer. But Gina has other ideas, and our busty blonde babe confounds expectations, forcing Jess to ask questions that are literally out of this world!

Kat in Savoury Corner

  Kat has a liking for all things savoury – so instead of Custard Corner, Jess introduces Savoury Corner! Or should that be Savoury Sofa?

Lana Dice with Fate

  Our popular game returns, where Lana’s fate depends on the roll of the dice! So will it be beans or rice pudding? Or perhaps spaghetti and mac ‘n’ cheese? Or maybe Jess will decide on a whim! Over to you, Jess…

Belle Splosh and Fuck!

  Our two sexy babes get together and hatch a plan for Jess to fuck Belle while Belle sploshes herself. Will it work? Will the cameraman eat strawberries off Belle’s head? The answer to bother questions is a responding ‘Yes!’ More importantly, Jess and Belle had a lot of fun with this one!