Angel Updates

Addicted to Sploshing

  Beth has come clean to Jess. Well not ‘clean’ exactly but Beth thinks she may have a problem. A splosh addiction problem. Sploshing is all Beth thinks about.  From the moment she wakes up, during the day at work and when she gets home.  Beth finds herself sploshing at the gym, on the bus, …

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Adrian The A***hole!

  A viewer requested to see Jess in a bikini, lightly bound and covered in green, yellow and orange slime.  Well a sort of orange ‘slime’.  We didn’t go into details and Jess was happy enough as she loves slime.  Everyone loves slime. So what could go wrong? Jess’s choice words for the viewer at …

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Satine on the Sofa

  First we had Brook and now we have Satine catching up on some nap time on the Splosh House sofa But Jess has other plans and starts to pour custard over the sleeping Satine who loves waking up to silky smooth custard being drizzled all over her!

The Gunge Files

  Welcome to the Gunge Files. The set up is simple.  A girl.  Buckets of green and orange gunge. Miss T on hand to pour gunge over girl. Heidi is the babe in the gunge seat and wondering what she has got herself into.  She soon finds out.  Cue lots of gunge, gunge bubbles and …

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Cum with Cakes

  One of Jess’s many fans has asked for a raunchy web cam session with cakes and custard.  Jess loves cakes so she eagerly sets up the front room in the Splosh House, fires up the webcam and has a fun time smearing her body and burying her face in lots of gooey goodness as …

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Dice With Fate

  Jess is locked and loaded and Beth is nervous which can only mean one thing.  Dice with Fate is back and Beth’s messy fate depends on the roll of Jess’s dice. Dress code is tight t-shirt, shorts, long white socks and pumps.  Jess has lined up 6 messy ingredients from trifle to beans, and …

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Brook Sploshed on the Sofa

  And we head back to the Splosh House where Brook is grabbing some z’s on the sofa and Jess offers to help relax Brook with some cartons of custard and pots of pink goo… …but the trouble with relaxing through sploshing is that Brook also finds it a huge turn on. Which is good …

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Kayla Swimsuit Filling

  It’s Kayla’s turn to try the swimsuit filling challenge and beat Jess’s attempt.  The trick is to get the order right.  Do you start with cream or trifle? Custard or rice pudding?  Jess of course knows the best sequence but do you think she will let Kayla know? Not a chance! Instead Jess attempts …

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Talking Heads

  Beth and Jess are relaxing in the Splosh House, catching up and discussing what to do next. Card Games? Board Games? Drinking Games? Or watching a movie and chatting about hot film stars, remakes that shouldn’t be and seriously what happened to Thor in the last Avengers movie? But as the girls are chatting …

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