Lucy Love – Messy Quiz

  Lucy Love popped into the Splosh House and ended up in a bikini with Jess firing questions at her and threatening to pour beans in her bikini bottoms! Luckily, Lucy avoided the beans in her bikini bottoms. She got Mac ‘n’ Cheese instead!

Nosey Neighbour

  Everyone hates a nosey neighbour, and in the Splosh House, it is even more annoying to have someone demanding to know what is going on and to keep the noise down. Fortunately, Jess is more than happy to show her nosey neighbour what exactly is ‘going on’!

Humiliating Atlanta

  Poor Atlanta is at the mercy of Princess Jess, and what does Princess Jess like to do? Why, she likes pushing the faces of silly girls into piles of beans, spaghetti and mushy peas! Oh, and covering them in ketchup. I think we can all relate to Princess Jess!

Slave Kitten

  Jess is ‘pet’ training and like all good Mistresses, she knows the value of punishment and treats, and in this case, the punishments are pies filled with soup, beans and spaghetti. The treats though include freezing cold yoghurt and the only way poor Kitten can warm herself up is by playing with herself!  

Filling Gina’s Pantyhose

  Busty blonde Gina is back and this time Jess is filling her pantyhose and then ripping them open! Some of the goodies destined for Gina’s ‘pot’ are beans, spaghetti, salad cream, gherkins, hot dogs, meatballs and gravy. All mixing together in a nice, gooey mess and yes, Gina does enjoy having a hotdog in …

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Tina Kay – Messy Quiz!

  Tina Kay debuts on Messy Angel and is faced with a quickfire quiz! Every wrong answer means Tina will have either spaghetti, beans or ravioli dumped on her and waiting at the end is the jug of doom – but hold on, there is a last-minute catch! A rock, paper scissors match off to …

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Quick Fire Quiz with Charlie

  Charlie Monaco returns to Splosh School for a messy quick-fire quiz, which turns out to be not quite as ‘quick-fire’ as the name suggests!  So, will Charlie get the questions right? Has she done her homework? Or will Jess get to pour beans over Charlie’s lovely large boobs? Tune in to find out!

Satine in Pantyhose

  We catch up with Satine doing another webcam scene from home, and this time she is filling her pantyhose with beans, yoghurt, spaghetti and chocolate sauce before ripping them open and displaying a lovely gooey mess!