Dice With Fate

  Jess is locked and loaded and Beth is nervous which can only mean one thing.  Dice with Fate is back and Beth’s messy fate depends on the roll of Jess’s dice. Dress code is tight t-shirt, shorts, long white socks and pumps.  Jess has lined up 6 messy ingredients from trifle to beans, and …

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Kayla Swimsuit Filling

  It’s Kayla’s turn to try the swimsuit filling challenge and beat Jess’s attempt.  The trick is to get the order right.  Do you start with cream or trifle? Custard or rice pudding?  Jess of course knows the best sequence but do you think she will let Kayla know? Not a chance! Instead Jess attempts …

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Talking Heads

  Beth and Jess are relaxing in the Splosh House, catching up and discussing what to do next. Card Games? Board Games? Drinking Games? Or watching a movie and chatting about hot film stars, remakes that shouldn’t be and seriously what happened to Thor in the last Avengers movie? But as the girls are chatting …

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Splosh Rummage or Feel

  Its fun, thrills and spills as Satine and Jess play Splosh, Rummage or Feel. Each girl gets the chance to either splosh their opponent, have a quick rummage or cop a feel, or sometimes more than one, but first they have to answer the question from their chosen categories otherwise they leave themselves open …

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Quick Fire Quiz with Brook

  Jess sets Brook a more advanced sploshing lesson – a Quick Fire Quiz – with some tasty goodies at the end for every question Brook gets wrong, including a special undisclosed forfeit if Brook does really badly. Brook is very keen, the subject matter fairly easy and its a ‘Quick Fire’ quiz so it …

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Messy Quiz

  Jess is back with a new guest in her Messy Corner and its Beth who is the star turn as Jess trials her new Quick Fire Quiz involving cans of beans and a mystery bucket!