Gina Takes the Messy Quiz!

  Gina faces questions from a combative Jess, whose sole mission is to ensure no one gets the right answer. But Gina has other ideas, and our busty blonde babe confounds expectations, forcing Jess to ask questions that are literally out of this world!

Kat in Savoury Corner

  Kat has a liking for all things savoury – so instead of Custard Corner, Jess introduces Savoury Corner! Or should that be Savoury Sofa?

Lana Dice with Fate

  Our popular game returns, where Lana’s fate depends on the roll of the dice! So will it be beans or rice pudding? Or perhaps spaghetti and mac ‘n’ cheese? Or maybe Jess will decide on a whim! Over to you, Jess…

Quiz time for Mila

  Or at least that was the plan, except the rules have been changed, and Jess is also doing the quiz. This goes as you expect because Jess hates last-minute rule changes, especially when beans are involved! So, let’s see how our two bikini babes get on…or don’t!

La Belle in Pantyhose

  Belle O’Hara has her pantyhose filled with spaghetti, mac n cheese, beans, cornflakes with mayo and topped off with sweet corn with crushed savoury pies somewhere in the mix; plus, she turns her boobs nutty and her cute ass green!

Quiz Time for Amy!

  Jess invites her friend Amy over for some sploshing fun, and what better way to break in a virgin than with a savoury quiz?  Amy, however, isn’t quite ready for the cold, which prompts classic reactions such as ‘fuck me, that’s freezing’ along with ‘Spaghetti on my tits is what I’ve always dreamed of…’ …

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Daisy’s Christmas Surprise!

  Jess invites Daisy over for Xmas drinks to patch up their recent differences.  Given ’tis the season of goodwill, Daisy puts on her best party dress and arrives full of Xmas cheer… …she probably should have just stayed home.

Mac n Cheese Meditation

  Lana Rose continues her search for inner peace, and there is no better way to be in harmony with your surroundings than mac n cheese on the head…oh, and spaghetti hoops down her bikini bottoms!

Zoe Plays Dice with Fate!

  Our favourite messy game is back! Yes, Zoe’s sploshing fate depends on the roll of the die! Will it be beans or custard?  Chicken soup or a pie in the face? And will Jess face a forfeit at the end? Tune in to find out!

Savoury Kitty Kat

  There is nothing Jess likes more than a new pet to play with, and Kitty Kat is very much in the mood to be played with!  Jess decides on a savoury dish, with beans, spaghetti, mushy peas, chicken soup and ketchup on the Messy Angel Kat themed menu!