Mac n Cheese Meditation

  Lana Rose continues her search for inner peace, and there is no better way to be in harmony with your surroundings than mac n cheese on the head…oh, and spaghetti hoops down her bikini bottoms!

Zoe Plays Dice with Fate!

  Our favourite messy game is back! Yes, Zoe’s sploshing fate depends on the roll of the die! Will it be beans or custard?  Chicken soup or a pie in the face? And will Jess face a forfeit at the end? Tune in to find out!

Savoury Kitty Kat

  There is nothing Jess likes more than a new pet to play with, and Kitty Kat is very much in the mood to be played with!  Jess decides on a savoury dish, with beans, spaghetti, mushy peas, chicken soup and ketchup on the Messy Angel Kat themed menu!

Splosh House Revenge!

  The follow-up to Daisy & Jess – Tie and Tease…  Daisy steps into the shower, relishing the sensation of the water cascading over her body, but little did she know that mischief was brewing just outside the bathroom door!

Filling Mila’s Pantyhose

  A Messy Angel favourite and a great way to introduce our latest Angel, Mila, to the joys of messy fun! Yes, it’s pantyhose filling time with spaghetti, beans, ketchup, trifle, gherkins and mac n cheese on the menu and sloshing around in Mila’s pantyhose. Never have spaghetti strands looked so good as when they …

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Daisy and Jess – Tie and Tease

  Daisy, taking her cue from Beth, has hijacked the Sposh House and subjected Jess to a tie and tease messy session with lots of taunting, cake smooshing and teasing of Jess’s dainty toes!

Lana Rose – Messy Quiz!

  Lana Rose is our latest sploshing virgin, and what better way to introduce Lana to the joys of WAM than through the humiliation of a quiz and squirting her with ketchup, pouring beans in her bra and mushy peas down her panties! At least Jess thinks that’s the way to go, and who are …

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Willow in Pantyhose

  It’s a warm Splosh House welcome to the gorgeous Willow, and for her first sploshing experience, Jess will be filling Willow’s pantyhose with all sorts of treats, from beans to trifle and with cake, custard and rice pudding also in the mix!

The Big Boobed Brainiac

  It appears there is more to our latest busty blonde than just her impressive physical attributes! Louise Lee is back to have a crack at our messy Quiz, and Jess is confident she has the questions and the firepower (ketchup, mac n cheese, beans) to confound Louise. Or has she?

Quick Fire Quiz – Natasha

  It’s Quiz time for Natasha, except our busty contestant seems more interested in posing and strutting her stuff for the camera and the cameraman than answering any questions.   Not that this was going to stop Jess from covering Natasha in chocolate, cream and yoghurt, then finishing up with tomato ketchup!