Splosh Rummage or Feel

  Its fun, thrills and spills as Satine and Jess play Splosh, Rummage or Feel. Each girl gets the chance to either splosh their opponent, have a quick rummage or cop a feel, or sometimes more than one, but first they have to answer the question from their chosen categories otherwise they leave themselves open …

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Quick Fire Quiz with Brook

  Jess sets Brook a more advanced sploshing lesson – a Quick Fire Quiz – with some tasty goodies at the end for every question Brook gets wrong, including a special undisclosed forfeit if Brook does really badly. Brook is very keen, the subject matter fairly easy and its a ‘Quick Fire’ quiz so it …

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Messy Quiz

  Jess is back with a new guest in her Messy Corner and its Beth who is the star turn as Jess trials her new Quick Fire Quiz involving cans of beans and a mystery bucket!


  Our elite tech team (aka Bob K) has hacked into a splosh web feed showing some shocking scenes of a young girl being forced to strip and then sploshed with gunge, custard, rice pudding and spaghetti. Yikes!