Niki – Pantyhose Filling

  A big messy welcome to our latest Angel – the lovely Niki! Jess has lots of goodies lined up, and where better to put them than down Niki’s sexy pantyhose? Stand by for a custard/peas combo, peach slices, whipped cream on melons, beans, ketchup and sticky sauce in all the right places!

Instructing Jess

  Jess has some ‘me’ time and wants to get messy with some of her favourite things, but the camera crew have a different agenda and decides Jess should be sploshing with items they enjoy! Time for the guys to take charge!

Atlanta Splosh Yoga Class

  Flexible Atlanta is all in on a Splosh Yoga class, including trifles for tits, beans down the back of her leggings and sticky sauce everywhere!

Daisy May – Splosh Yoga Class

  And stretch! While your instructor pours custard and raspberry sauce over your pants and sticky syrup over your boobs! Join Daisy May and Jess West in the Messy Angel Sploshing Yoga class. You know it makes sense.

Summer Quiz

  We all need a bit of Summer in our lives, and here she is trying out our savoury messy quiz!

Beth Splash and Dash!

  Having had one relapse, our splosh addict Beth is overcome with the need to get messy, so she cuts her shopping trip short and dashes over to Jess’s for a quick ten-minute sploshing ‘top-up’ before heading back to the shops!

It’s Quiz Time with Epiphany!

  We love a quiz, especially ones involving beans, ravioli, ketchup and spaghetti hoops! Epiphany Jones is the girl on the spot as she attempts to get the right answers otherwise it’s savoury time at the Splosh House – and we all know how Jess likes to dish out the savoury!

Roxie takes the Quiz!

  New Angel Roxee takes the Messy Angel quiz with Jess lining up the ketchup, brown sauce, beans, mushy peas and chicken soup to dump over Roxee – in fact, so keen is Jess to start covering Roxee that there is a heated dispute over chess!

Swimsuit Filling with Daisy!

  Daisy May is super excited to try out the swimsuit filling challenge! First, she starts with cheesecake, then gherkins (!) topped off with cream and custard. Jess then tries beans in the rear and sticky sauce over Daisy’s boobs – oh, and there is fruit cocktail and some spaghetti hoops in the mix too!

Jess Has A New Pet!

  Jess is teaching her new pet, Jasmine, how to behave, with the emphasis on punishment rather than reward. A variety of dishes are laid out on the floor from beans to chicken soup and mushy peas and spag bol in the mix, and if they need spicing up then Jess has ketchup and brown …

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