Tina Kay – Messy Quiz!

  Tina Kay debuts on Messy Angel and is faced with a quickfire quiz! Every wrong answer means Tina will have either spaghetti, beans or ravioli dumped on her and waiting at the end is the jug of doom – but hold on, there is a last-minute catch! A rock, paper scissors match off to …

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Quick Fire Quiz with Charlie

  Charlie Monaco returns to Splosh School for a messy quick-fire quiz, which turns out to be not quite as ‘quick-fire’ as the name suggests!  So, will Charlie get the questions right? Has she done her homework? Or will Jess get to pour beans over Charlie’s lovely large boobs? Tune in to find out!

Satine in Pantyhose

  We catch up with Satine doing another webcam scene from home, and this time she is filling her pantyhose with beans, yoghurt, spaghetti and chocolate sauce before ripping them open and displaying a lovely gooey mess!

Satine Sub-Wam

  Satine has been instructed to appear in front of her Dom for an online session.  Satine is ready, the ingredients are ready, so what is Satine’s task and does it involve pouring chicken soup into her little black socks and then putting them back on? It seems it does and much more besides!

Seven Deadly Sins – Sloth Part II

  Beth and Jess manage to rouse themselves enough to continue sploshing but will they have the energy to get off the sofa, let alone stagger through to part III? Probably not. Sloth – Part II

Seven Deadly Sins – Sloth Part I

  The Splosh House is in lockdown and Beth and Jess have let lethargy and sloth overwhelm them…will they even have the energy to make it to the end of this episode? Sloth – Part I

Swimsuit Filling with Lucy

  A new Angel and new swimsuits as Lucy Lauren gets to experience the sweet sensations of spaghetti, trifle, yoghurt, custard, gunge and rice pudding sliding down inside her swimsuit. Jess does her ‘best’ to help Lucy and by ‘best’ we of course mean ‘nobble’ Lucy’s efforts to retain as much of the gooey mix …

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Party Pies 3

  The saga continues and its one of intrigue and treachery as Jess and Axa pay another visit to Miss T’s Pie and Cake shop where Axa, with the help of Miss T, has planned a surprise for Jess.  Unfortunately for Axa there is a surprise all right just not the one she had planned. …

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