Lola Rae Cake Sitting

  Lola Rae is excited to be our latest Messy Angel and Jess wants to make sure Lola enjoys her first messy experience by having her sit on, squish and smoosh creamy cakes.  Lola figures a skimpy bikini is the correct dress code for cake sitting but soon loses the bottom half of her bikini …

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Valentines Day Pie

  It’s Valentines Day when a young girl’s attention turns to love, romance and doing a pie video for her boyfriend as a treat. In this case the lucky boyfriend is you and Satine is your girl as she shoots this special messy message for you to keep and enjoy. Satine has Jess on hand …

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SploshBox with Beth & Jess

  Watching Beth watching the TV whilst sploshing next to a sleeping Jess?  Our gogglebox with a messy twist is back as Beth curls up with some goodies and her favourite show. Beth tucks into a trifle as her show hots up followed by chocolate cake, chocolate and raspberry sauce, custard, mandarin cheesecake bottles of …

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Swimsuit Filling

  Who doesn’t love a sexy girl filling her swimsuit with trifle, custard and other goodies and Jess has picked out the tightest swimsuit she can find to do just that. But will Jess manage to retain all the gooey mess she is stuffing down her swimsuit or will it spring a leak or two?  …

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Play Your Cards Right

  Card hustler Sammie B not only plays her cards right…she also plays the man as she teases and distracts her opponent over a crucial hand. But its not just feminine wiles that Sammie is using to win the pot.  Concealed cards are also (literally) up her sleeve and stashed in her panties. Despite the …

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Chloe Ruins Christmas

  Jess discovers that being the ‘Quiz Master’ does not save her from retribution when you have been mocking your opponent as the ‘worst quizzer ever’. Part I ended with Chloe having had enough and she gets her own back in Part II by ruining Jess’s outfit, hair, clipboard and, alas, Christmas. Bad Elf Chloe.

The Big Messy Xmas Quiz

  Merry Christmas! And for your viewing pleasure we have The Big Messy Christmas Quiz with Jess West as your host and contestant Chloe Toy trying to retain some dignity which she may find difficult as Jess has chosen the most difficult Christmas Quiz questions she could find. So lets dive straight in as Chloe ponders …

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SploshBox – GoggleBox

  Its our sploshing version of GoggleBox and who better to catch on the sofa than our two sploshing stars Danielle Maye and Jess West. Of course things soon take a messy turn as Danielle inadvertently sits on a cake and its not long before she is asking for more. Meanwhile Jess seems more preoccupied …

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Custard Sleepover

  Two sexy girls in sexy lingerie enjoying a custard soaked bed.  Yes its Jess & Lu Elissa having a custard sleepover as they fill each others bra and knickers with custard, try a custard shampoo and shriek when the cold custard hits the small of the back and other sensitive areas!