Lola Rae in Custard Corner

  Lola continues her sploshing adventure with an invite to Jess’s Custard Corner where in addition to cartons of the yellow nectar Jess has prepared a few jugs of her homemade custard for Lola to enjoy. Miss T and Bob get up close with some funky camera angles and Jess deploys ‘perv cam’ to capture …

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Splosh Rummage or Feel

  Its fun, thrills and spills as Satine and Jess play Splosh, Rummage or Feel. Each girl gets the chance to either splosh their opponent, have a quick rummage or cop a feel, or sometimes more than one, but first they have to answer the question from their chosen categories otherwise they leave themselves open …

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Custard Kissing Girls

  Beth was last seen having a lovely splosh while watching her favourite program with a sleeping Jess beside her.  Jess wakes up to see Beth all nice and messy and decides to snuggle up her friend and join in the fun with a custard smooch and a nibble on Beth’s boobs – oh and …

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Lola Rae Cake Sitting

  Lola Rae is excited to be our latest Messy Angel and Jess wants to make sure Lola enjoys her first messy experience by having her sit on, squish and smoosh creamy cakes.  Lola figures a skimpy bikini is the correct dress code for cake sitting but soon loses the bottom half of her bikini …

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Valentines Day Pie

  It’s Valentines Day when a young girl’s attention turns to love, romance and doing a pie video for her boyfriend as a treat. In this case the lucky boyfriend is you and Satine is your girl as she shoots this special messy message for you to keep and enjoy. Satine has Jess on hand …

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SploshBox with Beth & Jess

  Watching Beth watching the TV whilst sploshing next to a sleeping Jess?  Our gogglebox with a messy twist is back as Beth curls up with some goodies and her favourite show. Beth tucks into a trifle as her show hots up followed by chocolate cake, chocolate and raspberry sauce, custard, mandarin cheesecake bottles of …

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