Shay on the Sofa

  Join dark-haired beauty, Shay London, as she relaxes on the sofa and enjoys a hot and sensual custard cum!

Atlanta – Cream Bukkake

  Yet another new Angel joins Jess in the Splosh House, as we kick off this month with the sexy and gorgeous Atlanta Moreno who fancies stripping naked, sucking on Jess’s big dick and getting a face, and pussy, full of cream! To be honest, we’d all like to be Jess right now!

Jeanie – Splosh Virgin

  Splosh virgin, Jeanie started off with some cake sitting to ease her in, now, it’s time to get a bit more serious, so lesson two is some overall covering with Jess paying special attention to Jeanie’s great boobs!

Kitten Goes to Splosh School

  Jess enrolls another new pupil into Splosh School, and this week it is the sweet, innocent Kitten.  Butter wouldn’t melt in that mouth. When asked why she wanted to go to Splosh School, Kitten replies, ‘because I’m a fucking food whore!’ Ah. Turns out, Kitten was right. She is.

Terri’s Tasty Tits!

  Jess wanted to cover Terri Lou’s huge boobs in chocolate and raspberry sauce. To be honest we couldn’t think of one single reason why she shouldn’t and a pair of big reasons why she should. So she did.

A Dessert Called Lara Lee

  Lara returns for a more advanced lesson at Splosh School. For today’s class, Lara is wearing lingerie and stockings and starts with custard, followed by pots of chocolate yoghurt, rice pudding down her panties, strawberry sauce over her ‘tasty’ nipples and a pie to the face to finish!

Cake Sitting Jeanie

  Jess is on a mission to get as many girls into Splosh School, and her latest target is Jeanie who is a total newbie and very nervous!  That being the case, Jess thought a round of cake sitting would help Jeanie get that sploshing ‘vibe’!

Louisa Lu at Splosh School

  It’s a new year, a new dawn and a new Angel, Louisa Lu.  Splosh School kicks off a new term with WAM virgin and all-round hottie, Louisa Lu taking her first sploshing lesson with Jess West. Custard is poured, knickers are filled and there is even a newbie cream pie for Louisa at the …

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