Zoe gets a Bukakke makeover!

  Jess invites Zoe to suck on her ‘cock’, squirts creamy goodness in her face and down her tiny panties and then over her huge boobs! It’s a lip-smacking, boob-covering cream fest!

Princess Tasty Tits

  Or the tastiest tits in town! At least, that is the Splosh House verdict, as a very nervous Princess gets her first sploshing experience. Will she enjoy it? What will she think? We reckon Princess’s lovely wide smile was all the answer we needed!  

Rewarding Jess

  Following on from the video, ‘Instructing Jess’, it is time for her reward. A satisfying sploshy cum in the shower!

Pet Training

  Jess’s new year’s resolution is to have better trained pets, and she starts with the lovely and delightfully submissive Atlanta. It seems the approach from Jess is ‘carrot and stick’ – albeit the ‘carrot’ is beans hidden in the cream pie. So, pretty much all stick!

Niki – Pantyhose Filling

  A big messy welcome to our latest Angel – the lovely Niki! Jess has lots of goodies lined up, and where better to put them than down Niki’s sexy pantyhose? Stand by for a custard/peas combo, peach slices, whipped cream on melons, beans, ketchup and sticky sauce in all the right places!

Cici Takes the Quickfire Quiz

  We welcome the leggy and very lovely Cici to Messy Angel, and Jess sets the challenge of the Quickfire Quiz where you dare not get a question wrong – especially as Jess is brandishing the ketchup and making up ‘bonus’ questions! Find out how Cici fares…

Beth and Jess kiss and make up

  …or rather kiss and make out! After her chastening experience in Who Needs Jess West? – a forlorn Beth is comforted in the shower by Jess, who suggests an impromptu sploshing session to show there are no hard feelings!