Custom Videos

In addition to being able to watch our sexy girls in the Members Area, we also offer you the chance to order your own custom designed WAM films. To find out how you could become script writer & virtual director of your messy epic please continue reading.

Click the pics above to view examples of past custom videos.

We are pretty open minded and as such most requests will be considered favourably, however please note that we do not shoot hardcore (boy/girl) messy sex scenes.

Prices vary and are dependent on the proposed content of the film. They start at £200. Please read the details below to find out how to get one of our fabulous Custom Videos, and see the Gallery below for further pics taken from previous customs.

Step 1:

Think about your ideal video then contact us using the form below – factors to consider

  • the name of the model(s) you would like to use
  • what mess and outfits you would like to use
  • how to describe your idea clearly and concisely

Please note: We will use your data to contact you as requested above.

Step 2:

Dependent on the content of the video you will be quoted a price for the custom shoot. Factors affecting the cost include:

  • the number of girls taking part
  • how complex the script is
  • the level of nudity you want in your film
  • wardrobe
  • how similar the subject of the film is to those we produce already for our sites Bound2bMessyMessy AngelHouse of Slime & Milfwam – If the content of your film is so personal an edited version cannot be used by us at any time it will cost a lot more

Step 3:

  • You will be required to make payment prior to the shoot taking place and will be kept informed throughout the process.
  • The finished film will be made available for download.

Please note: The copyright will be retained by ourselves at all time. If you have any further queries please do ask using the form above.