Angel Plus

Angel Plus is our feature wall of films, short scenes and behind the scene clips from Bound2bMessy, House of Slime, Milfwam and of course Messy Angel.

Our 5th February wall of mess has a sub/dom flavour with Tigerr at the mercy of Honey B in Pegged, Danielle getting ‘smurfed’ by Miss T, Dominique hogtied and sploshed and Honey on the receiving end of custard, beans and spaghetti whilst trapped in stocks.  For foot fans we have Footcam which shows nothing but Karen and Jess’s feet getting all messy, Honey getting the results of a splosh poll, Beth & Jess condensed into 20 seconds and Fi Stevens decorating a naked Ariel with syrup and black treacle in Art Class.  Well, we like a bit of high brow culture on this site!