Swimsuit Gunging Party

  Jess is invited to a party that has everything.  A swimsuit dress code, kinky handcuffs, tubs of green gunge and private rooms where the guests can indulge their pleasures. After modeling her swimsuit for her admirer, Jess is handcuffed and made to kneel in front of a bowl of gunge.  She is dunked in …

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Strip or Slime The Reboot

  We welcome back an old favourite but with a brand new Angel and WAM virgin the lovely Chelsey! And it’s an old favourite with a difference as we reboot the format and add a degree of peril for our hostess Jess. You know the premise of the game. 10 questions and if you get …

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Roxi Lloyd JOI

  Roxi takes you naughty boys in hand as she teases you into taking out your cock and milking it for her pleasure, with Jess pouring jugs of white slime over Roxi’s gorgeous body to get you in the mood. Not to be missed!

WAM Fan Fantasy

  A special treat for all Jess West fans as we teamed up to produce a WAM lovers dream with Jess in a pool of gunge begging you to slime her and fuck her! So are you ready for Jess? You think you can handle our hot sploshing star?

Beth JOI

  Beth squeezes her big boobs into a fishnet outfit and holds an impromptu webcam session to give you guys some JOI love dispensed with a big smile and jugs of slime!

Gunge Graduate

  Can the pupil become the teacher?  Brook is loving Splosh School and her next assignment is to show splosh instructor Jess how much of a ‘dirty girl’ she is in a bid to gain her Diploma. Both girls are wearing matching green and white dresses to match the green and white gunge as Brook …

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Trick or Treat

  When Harley comes knocking on Halloween…don’t open the door. #crazypeople Jess loved this scene. Loved playing Harley Quinn. Loved the craziness and the gunge and Jess as Harley is just  perfect for the week leading up to Halloween!

Bikini Babe Roxi

  Bikini babe Roxi Lloyd is the latest guest to try out Jess’s Messy Corner. Jess has whipped up some gunge and home made custard (which is both runny and lumpy!) and sploshes glamour girl Roxi with her ‘jugs’ of custard and green gunge. For fans of hair sploshing Jess attempts to turn Roxi’s hair …

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