Did She?

  Bob is back with his experiment to see how much our girls enjoy getting messy. Each girl gets to decide what she would like to be covered with and whether to do it topless. Beth went first and next up is Jess, who opts for green slime. So just how turned on does Jess …

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First Time Gunge

  Jessica, a lovely lass from Yorkshire, England, did a gunge audition for us.  Jessica was so excited she forgot to take her glasses off. She also struggled to keep her dress in place.  Not that Miss T minded, but then she never does!  

Strip or Slime

  Jess loves hosting our messy quiz nights and in this episode we have Lucy Lauren trying to keep her clothes on and avoid the slime.  Lucy’s other ambition is to play her ‘joker’ at the right time, answer the question and gunge Jess.  An ambition that we all share. Well everyone apart from Jess. …

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Seven Deadly Sins – Lust

  Start of a new series in which we explore the seven deadly (sploshing) sins and our first messy sin is…Lust. Jess in a tight dress, no panties and bright red lipstick is on the bed and gripped by lust.  Lust for slime, lust for her favourite dildo and a lust to cum.

Christmas is Cancelled

  Christmas can do one as far as Jess ‘Grinch’ West is concerned.  No carols, no presents, no jolly ho-hooing, just gunge and lots of it. Buckets of gunge, boxes of gunge and its all for Jess.  Over her head, down her outfit and over her ‘Grinch’ slippers. You ready for some Christmas cheer? Well …

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A Halloween Tale

  It is the night for surprises as Maleficent chastises an errant Wood Nymph only for the Nymph to use the night’s special properties to turn the tables and place Maleficent under her spell. Forced to do the Wood Nymph’s bidding Maleficent is humiliated with gunge, spaghetti, mushy peas and pond slime and then has …

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Adrian The A***hole!

  A viewer requested to see Jess in a bikini, lightly bound and covered in green, yellow and orange slime.  Well a sort of orange ‘slime’.  We didn’t go into details and Jess was happy enough as she loves slime.  Everyone loves slime. So what could go wrong? Jess’s choice words for the viewer at …

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The Gunge Files

  Welcome to the Gunge Files. The set up is simple.  A girl.  Buckets of green and orange gunge. Miss T on hand to pour gunge over girl. Heidi is the babe in the gunge seat and wondering what she has got herself into.  She soon finds out.  Cue lots of gunge, gunge bubbles and …

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Talking Heads

  Beth and Jess are relaxing in the Splosh House, catching up and discussing what to do next. Card Games? Board Games? Drinking Games? Or watching a movie and chatting about hot film stars, remakes that shouldn’t be and seriously what happened to Thor in the last Avengers movie? But as the girls are chatting …

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