Angel Updates

Seven Deadly Sins – Lust

  Start of a new series in which we explore the seven deadly (sploshing) sins and our first messy sin is…Lust. Jess in a tight dress, no panties and bright red lipstick is on the bed and gripped by lust.  Lust for slime, lust for her favourite dildo and a lust to cum.


  Tits.  Perky, sexy and covered in all sorts of chocolate.   Yum.

Swimsuit Filling with Lucy

  A new Angel and new swimsuits as Lucy Lauren gets to experience the sweet sensations of spaghetti, trifle, yoghurt, custard, gunge and rice pudding sliding down inside her swimsuit. Jess does her ‘best’ to help Lucy and by ‘best’ we of course mean ‘nobble’ Lucy’s efforts to retain as much of the gooey mix …

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Party Pies 3

  The saga continues and its one of intrigue and treachery as Jess and Axa pay another visit to Miss T’s Pie and Cake shop where Axa, with the help of Miss T, has planned a surprise for Jess.  Unfortunately for Axa there is a surprise all right just not the one she had planned. …

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Emily Goes to Splosh School

  All our new Angels get to go to Splosh School and Emily was no exception as Jess instructs her newest pupil on the art of cake sitting, including an impromptu demonstration of the best way to squish the cakes or as a lay person would call it…’sitting’. Emily was nervous at first but soon …

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The Chilly Winter Quiz

  Alison, aka Missy Wild, makes her Messy Angel debut on our chilly winter quiz with ice cold custard, yoghurt and trifle on the menu but with an outside chance of warming herself up with a bucket of doom…unless of course she beats Jess over the two rounds featuring films that no one has a …

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Danielle Maye Vlogging

  It is Danielle’s turn to invite you to bed and join her in a vlogging session as she gets to grip with holding the camera and getting messy with cakes and custard.  Get ready for more giggles and crazy angles with Jess being very unhelpful as Danielle aims to do a ‘better job than …

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Christmas is Cancelled

  Christmas can do one as far as Jess ‘Grinch’ West is concerned.  No carols, no presents, no jolly ho-hooing, just gunge and lots of it. Buckets of gunge, boxes of gunge and its all for Jess.  Over her head, down her outfit and over her ‘Grinch’ slippers. You ready for some Christmas cheer? Well …

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Chocolate Covered Chelsey

  This is what happens when you shoot a chocolate Easter film, forget to release it and then make it a pre Xmas treat with all references to Easter subtly edited out so no one will notice (fingers crossed). So enjoy our Easter pre Xmas film, because Chelsey did once she got over the shock …

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Emily Sundae Pie

  New girl Emily Blake enrolls at Splosh School but Jess has her doubts that this glamorous WAM virgin will make the grade.   Jess wonders if she should ease Emily in gently or go a bit more full on.  Spoiler: Jess goes full on. Proving yet again what a bad influence Miss T is having …

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