Angel Plus

Angel Plus is our feature wall of films, short scenes and behind the scene clips from Bound2bMessy, House of Slime, Milfwam and of course Messy Angel.

Our 25th September wall of mess is a Fi fest with this popular babe in a bikini bathing in lotion then bound and naked in a glycerine/white slime combo  in…Glycerine Angel which was the forerunner for House of Slime; not a lot of people know that.  We also have Tink, Dominique and Cassie in one of Tink’s first appearances on B2BM in Tink And A Tale of Two Knickers, Dani getting pied in Watch Out,  Chloe in Slime Down Under, Jenny getting her ass and everywhere else gunged in a classic GungeGirls clip,  Tammie & Taylor playing Strip or Slime, Sammie taking a Deep Breath as she enjoys a sticky treat and Hollie in a gunging where we begin at the end and end at the beginning. I think.