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Satine in Party Mood!

  The party continues as we join Satine pouring custard down her dress, yoghurt in her knickers and smooshing cake in her face!  

Satine Sub-Wam

  Satine has been instructed to appear in front of her Dom for an online session.  Satine is ready, the ingredients are ready, so what is Satine’s task and does it involve pouring chicken soup into her little black socks and then putting them back on? It seems it does and much more besides!

Satine’s Sexy Splosh

  We arranged, and recorded a live feed with Satine as she performs a sexy sploshing striptease in her kitchen with chocolate, cream pies, custard and sticky sauce.  So take it away Satine!

Satine on the Sofa

  First we had Brook and now we have Satine catching up on some nap time on the Splosh House sofa But Jess has other plans and starts to pour custard over the sleeping Satine who loves waking up to silky smooth custard being drizzled all over her!

Kismet Cafe

  “Welcome to the Kismet Cafe where your dish of choice is in the hands of the Gods…” Well in the hands of Jess as she rolls the dice to see what dish will be served on you. ‘Spaghetti Oohh’? ‘Browned off Sauce’? Or maybe ‘Mac N Cheese with a Souper Surprise’? Satine is certainly …

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Splosh Rummage or Feel

  Its fun, thrills and spills as Satine and Jess play Splosh, Rummage or Feel. Each girl gets the chance to either splosh their opponent, have a quick rummage or cop a feel, or sometimes more than one, but first they have to answer the question from their chosen categories otherwise they leave themselves open …

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Valentines Day Pie

  It’s Valentines Day when a young girl’s attention turns to love, romance and doing a pie video for her boyfriend as a treat. In this case the lucky boyfriend is you and Satine is your girl as she shoots this special messy message for you to keep and enjoy. Satine has Jess on hand …

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