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Brook Sploshed on the Sofa

  And we head back to the Splosh House where Brook is grabbing some z’s on the sofa and Jess offers to help relax Brook with some cartons of custard and pots of pink goo… …but the trouble with relaxing through sploshing is that Brook also finds it a huge turn on. Which is good …

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Quick Fire Quiz with Brook

  Jess sets Brook a more advanced sploshing lesson – a Quick Fire Quiz – with some tasty goodies at the end for every question Brook gets wrong, including a special undisclosed forfeit if Brook does really badly. Brook is very keen, the subject matter fairly easy and its a ‘Quick Fire’ quiz so it …

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Bikini Babe Brook

  Bikini babe Brook Logan has returned to Jess’s Splosh School and is going for a full covering of custard and a special surprise topping for her second lesson. Jess is delighted how well Brook takes to being covered in mess and even more delighted that Brook is getting turned on as more and more …

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Splosh School Brook

  Jess opens the doors to her School for Sploshing and her first pupil is WAM virgin Brook Logan who is about to learn the finer points of Pantyhose filling. First down Brook’s pantyhose is custard followed by cream. Then Jess dumps a trifle front and back all washed down with a jar of mixed fruit …

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Gunge Graduate

  Can the pupil become the teacher?  Brook is loving Splosh School and her next assignment is to show splosh instructor Jess how much of a ‘dirty girl’ she is in a bid to gain her Diploma. Both girls are wearing matching green and white dresses to match the green and white gunge as Brook …

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